Michael Schindhelm | FRIDAY ON THE ROAD

Friday on the road

Friday has begun his research trip in Strasbourg on May 8, further stops will include Berlin and Venice.


From July onwards Friday will meet with the visitors of the Architectural Biennale in Venice. Friday hails from an imaginary island society described in a framework story (LAVAPOLIS, Sternberg Press, Berlin/New York, by Michael Schindhelm). Friday’s political and social observations on the state of affairs in Europe during the 2014 parliamentary elections and the Italian EU presidency, which he publicizes in the form of video presentations on the platform for his audience, become part of an assessment and participation game centering around the possibility of desirable social change on the continent. A juxtaposition of political reality and a heterotopia will create a collective discourse. The topics of discussion will be specifically relevant for the younger generation.

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