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  1. THE CHINESE LIVES OF ULI SIGG on Streaming Platform Play Suisse

    THE CHINESE LIVES OF ULI SIGG on Streaming Platform Play Suisse

    Almost seven years after its release, the cinema documentary THE CHINESE LIVES OF ULI SIGG is still topical. It has recently been presented on Swiss television’s streaming platform PLAY SUISSE. Trailer Trailer The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg In order to better understand China, Uli Sigg, who entered the country in 1980 as an entrepreneur […]

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  2. Exhibition project for Basel in two parts

    Exhibition project for Basel in two parts

    At the invitation of the Basel H. Geiger Cultural Foundation (KBH.G), we will develop a double exhibition in the spring and fall of 2024, which will take place both in the Foundation’s exhibition spaces and in collaboration with a number of institutions in Basel and elsewhere. An online presence is also planned. Preparations for the […]

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  3. Our BioNTech Documentary receives 3rd in German Award Deutschen Wirtschaftsfilmpreis 2022

    Our BioNTech Documentary has been awarded at the 2022 German Business Film Awards, Category I, 3rd prize. “Mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit zum Impfstoff: Das Projekt BioNTech” (2021) Runtime 52-min. The German Industrial Film Award serves to promote German films that deal with topics of the modern industrial and service society in Germany. It has been awarded annually […]

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  4. China Unlimited - three days at Uni Zurich

    China Unlimited – three days at Uni Zurich

    As part of the further education programme EMAA (Eexecutive Master of Arts Administration), Michael Schindhelm once again taught at the University of Zurich. This time, the aim was to discuss how the massive social transformation of the People’s Republic of China is reflected in art and culture. Parallel to the Party Congress of the Communist […]

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  5. S.T.A.R.S. Symposium Switzerland 2022 (talk with Dalya Mousa)

    S.T.A.R.S. Symposium Switzerland 2022 (talk with Dalya Mousa)

    On Sept 26 at Laufen Castle in Switzerland Dalya Mousa, Director for Culture at Diriyah Gate Development Authority in Riyadh, and Michael Schindhelm will talk about the role of culture and arts in the current social development of Saudi Arabia. The talk is part of the S.T.A.R.S. executive further education program hosted at the Switzerland […]

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  6. Project Lightspeed as Science exhibition in Berlin - based on our film about BioNTech

    Project Lightspeed as Science exhibition in Berlin – based on our film about BioNTech

    Project Lightspeed The German Museum of Technology will present the special exhibition “Project Lightspeed – With mRNA Technology to the Corona Vaccine” from 23 September 2022. The special exhibition “Project Lightspeed – With mRNA Technology to the Corona Vaccine” shows the development of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, which was implemented in record time. It […]

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  7. WHAT IT WAS AND WILL BE. Voices in the Cultural Forum Berlin

    WHAT IT WAS AND WILL BE. Voices in the Cultural Forum Berlin

    The Kulturforum Berlin will again present Michael Schindhelm’s sound installation “Wie es war wird” (What is was and will be) almost a year after its premiere on September 4, 2022. On one of Berlin’s most important public squares and cultural venues, a collage of voices and sounds will be heard that on the one hand […]

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  8. OUTLAND on streaming platform Play Suisse

    OUTLAND on streaming platform Play Suisse

    Broadcast of our documentary film about long-term migrants from Ticino, past and present, on RSI, the Italian Swiss TV Aug 7, 22.25. Since Aug 19 the film is available on the streaming platform Play Suisse: Film on Play Suisse Watch the trailer here: “People will never stop leaving their homes, by force or by choice, […]

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  9. Herbert Quandt Medien-Preis 2022 for Michael Schindhelm

    Herbert Quandt Medien-Preis 2022 for Michael Schindhelm

    Michael Schindhelm has received the Herbert Quandt Media Award 2022 for his documentary “Revolution in Medicine – Project BioNTech” (literal German title translation : “A Vaccine at Lightspeed: The BioNTech Project“), broadcast on 30 October 2021 on ARTE. The award comes with a prize money of €20,000. Laudatory speech by jury member Horst von Butlar: “A […]

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  10. Documentary about Swiss artist Angela Lyn

    Documentary about Swiss artist Angela Lyn

    Yawen Yeo and Michael Schindhelm have produced a short film in collaboration with Swiss artist Angela Lyn about her life and work. “On the Edge of Time” will be premiered on May 7 at Villa Arconati near Milan before the opening of the homonymous exhibition by Angela Lyn which creates a resonance between her life […]

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  11. Adhocracy as remedy for the crisis

    Adhocracy as remedy for the crisis

    As part of the Executive Master of Arts Adminstration (EMAA) at the University of Zurich, Michael Schindhelm will run a seminar on “Adhocracy and Crisis Management in Culture” on 7 May. Adhocracy is considered a promising concept of social organisation when conditions are volatile. In light of the fading pandemic as well as the war […]

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  12. Webinar with leadership program S.T.A.R.S released

    Webinar with leadership program S.T.A.R.S released

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhz8IeqbGuI In this stars Webinar, stars International Board Member Michael SCHINDHELM, Writer, Filmmaker, Advisor on Culture and Arts, Lugano/Singapore, talks about leadership, the significance of culture and art for society and business, about innovation and human resources. Some take-aways are: Michael SCHINDHELM (MS) and Angela MERKEL, to become the Chancellor of Germany later on, shared in […]

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  13. BionTech Documentary on Youtube available

    BionTech Documentary on Youtube available

    Watch in English (short version, available depending on geo-location): https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=VMZtG0O9sbU&feature=youtu.be Next transmission (German and French) on Arte TV, February 5, 2022, 11.10 pm (not available in Switzerland): https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/103509-000-A/mit-lichtgeschwindigkeit-zum-impfstoff/ Since the beginning of the 21st century, scientists Uğur Şahin und Özlem Türeci have pursued the goal of creating cancer treatments that are specific to individuals. The firm […]

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  14. Webinar about filmmaking at STARS, January 13

    Webinar about filmmaking at STARS, January 13

    The filmmaker is always in search of that relevant moment. One that may come to be symbolic of our era, or opens a window into the future. Film holds a special relationship to the present time, capturing the moment unlike any other medium. It attempts at distilling the essence of our time and to imagine what might come to […]

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  15. Talk on "Leute" show, SWR, Germany

    Talk on “Leute” show, SWR, Germany

    Leute is a talk show on Südwestrundfunk (SWR). The conversation with Nicole Köster revolved around, among other things, the film “Revolution in Medicine, the Project Biontech”, as well as other current cultural projects by Michael Schindhelm. Watch the video (in German only): https://www.ardmediathek.de/video/swr1-leute-oder-dokumentarfilmer-und-kulturforscher/swr/Y3JpZDovL3N3ci5kZS9hZXgvbzE1NzE1NTU/

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  16. “Outland”. Documentary Premiere in Lugano

    Our documentary film about long-term migrants from Ticino, past and present, premieres on November 28, 2021. Watch the trailer here: “People will never stop leaving their homes, by force or by choice, despite closing borders and lockdowns. This film takes place in Ticino, the Swiss canton in the South, a place I came to call […]

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  17. Radio Podcast on DLF about the BioNtech documentary

    Radio Podcast on DLF about the BioNtech documentary

    Arte Documentary about BioNTech A Revolution in Medicine at the Speed of Light Michael Schindhelm in conversation with Dieter Kassel (in German)https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/arte-dokumentation-ueber-biontech-eine-heldengeschichte-in.1008.de.html?dram:article_id=504911   The Arte documentary “A Vaccine at Lightspeed (The BioNTech Project)” (German title : “Mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit zum Impfstoff (Das Projekt BioNTech)„) covers BioNTech’s rapid development of its vaccine against Covid-19. For this, filmmaker […]

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  18. Soon to Broadcast : Our Documentary about BioNTech

    A Vaccine at the Speed of Light (The BioNTech Project) German title : Mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit zum Impfstoff (Das Projekt BioNTech)  A film by Michael Schindhelm Switzerland, Germany, France, USA 2021 Length: 52 minutes First broadcast: SRF (Switzerland) 24.10.2021 22.30; ARTE (Germany/France) 30.10.2021 21.45, Deutsche Welle DW worldwide in November 2021.  Website Swiss TV https://tinyurl.com/5urww5wj Website […]

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  19. Talk at Kulturinvest Congress Nov 10 – 12, 2021 in Dresden

    In its application for the European Capital of Culture 2025 “Neue Heimat Dresden”, the city of Dresden, with Michael Schindhelm as curator, developed a concept for the Neue Heimat X-Culture, which is to establish itself in Dresden in the next few years. The focus is on strengthening the European dimension of urban identity and thus […]

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  20. Expo Dubai: Symbol for developing countries

    Expo Dubai: Symbol for developing countries

    Interview with German public radio, only in German available Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Interview 30.09.2021 07:37 Uhr Podcast here: https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/expo-in-dubai-die-erste-weltausstellung-im-arabischen-raum.1008.de.html?dram:article_id=503678 EXPO IN DUBAI: Die erste Weltausstellung im arabischen Raum Michael Schindhelm im Gespräch mit Stephan Karkowsky Das Emirat Dubai lädt ab heute zur Expo ein. Sechs Monate, in denen Weltneuheiten präsentiert und Millionen Besucher erwartet werden. Kulturberater Michael […]

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  21. Asia Society Hong Kong presents THE CHINESE LIVES OF ULI SIGG, Talk between Ruby Yang and Michael Schindhelm

    Asia Society Hong Kong presents THE CHINESE LIVES OF ULI SIGG, Talk between Ruby Yang and Michael Schindhelm

    Mon 11 Oct 2021 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty   Post-screening dialogue WATCH ON YOUTUBE WATCH ON FACEBOOK Rundown 18:15 Registration 18:30-19:55 Documentary Screening 19:55-20:30 Dialogue The documentary, The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg, brings us into a Swiss businessman, diplomat, and art collector’s journey in exploring […]

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  22. OUTLAND Tagi Magi

    My neighbours and I in OUTLAND

    My neighbours and I in OUTLAND: Essay for DAS MAGAZIN (Zurich) about the making of the feature-length documentary OUTLAND, which will be screened in autumn this year. (text available in German only) OUTLAND Tagi Magi 7.8.21

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  23. WHAT IT WAS AND WILL BE. Voices in the Cultural Forum

    WHAT IT WAS AND WILL BE. Voices in the Cultural Forum (A sound installation by Michael Schindhelm and Claudio Bucher) Voices: Corinna Kirchhoff and Michael Hanemann, Cornelius Rapp (sound engineering/audio production), Johann Otten (content collaboration/sound design), LORACS GmbH (LRAD technology) Utopias are the blueprints for imaginary spaces in time; the mythical golden age or a […]

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  24. Documentary: Project Lightspeed

    Filmerei (Zurich) and Berlin Producers (Berlin) are producing a documentary together with filmmaker and author Michael Schindhelm about the invention, production and future outlook of the BioNTech mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. The film brings together BioNTech co-founders Dr. Özlem Türeci and Prof. Ugur Sahin, their colleagues who were directly involved in the development and production […]

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  25. Upcoming Documentary On Hong Kong’s Museum M+

    Together with Zurich-based producer Filmerei, Michael Schindhelm and Yawen Schindhelm-Yeo are starting work on the documentary about M+, the first museum of its kind in Asia. Produced for Swiss TV SF DRS and 3Sat, the film focuses on M+ Museum’s opening in summer 2021 in the midst of Hong Kong’s dynamic social situation. The M+ documentary completes a […]

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  26. Upcoming Documentary on Museum M+ in Hong Kong

    Together with Zurich-based producer Filmerei, Michael Schindhelm and Yawen Schindhelm-Yeo are starting work on the documentary “Museum M+: Art & Protest in Hong Kong”. Museum M+ is the first of its kind in Asia, the museum Asia doesn’t yet have. The film, produced for Swiss TV SF DRS and 3Sat, focuses on M+ Museum’s opening […]

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  27. Culture in the Time of Covid: Episode 1

    Update : Watch the video highlights from the “Culture in the Time of Covid” webinar, organised by ASEF (Asia-Europe Foundation) and the Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore. Recorded on 21 & 28 Jan 2021, courtesy of ASEF. Culture in the Time of Covid: Episode 1 Thursday, 21 January 2021 16:00-17:00 SGT via YouTube live broadcast […]

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    Culture without Blueprint. EMAA at UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH Weekend Module 8 – 10 Jan, 2021, online Our cultural landscape is in a state of upheaval. Some critics see this exclusively as a threat, others celebrate the advance of the Popular Culture and the emerging digital forms of culture as a liberation from cultural paternalism. The […]

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  29. Collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Gate Development Authority set to continue for three more years

    The collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Gate Development Authority is set to continue for three more years. The Board of Directors has re-appointed Michael Schindhelm along with three members of the Heritage and Culture Committee until June 2023. Diriyah Gate Development Authority was established by Royal Decree in July 2017 to preserve, celebrate and develop the Unesco heritage site At-Turaif and the area of Diriyah […]

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  30. Illusion and reality in the history and future of a baroque wonderland

    In collaboration with Palladium Group and Fondazione Augusto Rancilio, Michael Schindhelm & Yawen Schindhelm-Yeo are developing a short film project featuring the historical Villa Arconati. The Villa Arconati-FAR is a heritage property of great historical, cultural and architectural value. It remains one of the most beautiful and majestic Villas in Milan. Together with its Garden, […]

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  31. What will Culture Look Like After the Pandemic?

    The first part of this paper examines the geopolitical and socio-political situation since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, with a focus on Europe. The second part discusses possible consequences for the cultural sector within the European continent. The paper concludes by attempting to understand the role of culture in post-pandemic society.   PDF: What […]

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  32. The Curious Deal : An extraordinary barter trade

    Indonesian art meets Dresden stories: What does an artist need to live? “Summer 2019, a studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: A young artist paints on an eight-meter painting. It shows an oriental prince on a horse, a smoking volcano and: a Dresden tram..” (continued) https://www.dresden2025.de/en/events/2019/the-curious-deal_215529.php      

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  33. Even without a title: Much of the “Neue Heimat Dresden 2025” concept to be implemented

    “On Thursday 12 December 2019, the European Jury officially announced its shortlist of which German bidding cities in the German national competition have gained a place in the final round for the title of “European Capital of Culture 2025”. The City of Dresden bid did not progress to the next candidate stage...” https://www.dresden2025.de/de/news/archiv/2019/even-without-title.php

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  34. “Flags, rattling” – Essay for Tagesspiegel Berlin newspaper, on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

    “The fall of 1989 appears grey and pale in light of current politics. Remembrance routines unbelievably mask the ongoing depression. The longer I am away from Germany, the more I get to see this successful, introverted country through the lens of others. Therefore, I don’t share the depression which hangs over our memories like a […]

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  35. What is new in art today? Video essay for the platform “Neue Kunst Neue Kulturarbeit Kultur & Wissenschaft“ (Contemporary art, cultural work and science) as part of the Showroom Neue Heimat, Deutsches Hygienemuseum Dresden, autumn 2019

    Upon invitation by organisers of the Platform, Michael Schindhelm, curator of Dresden’s European Capital of Culture 2025 campaign, attempts to answer the question:  What is new in art today? Available in German : Wo ist das Neue? from Michael Schindhelm on Vimeo.

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  36. “The theater as a lost home” – Deutschlandfunk Kultur

    Andrea Gerk interviewed Michael Schindhelm about his recently published novel “Letzter Vorhang” for the literary magazine “Lesart”. The interview focused on theaters, such as the Volksbuehne, as specific structures, “that can also produce special forms of coexistence”: The theater can become a shelter “against a changing reality. And if that goes too far, it is […]

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  37. “Wenn es ein Land gibt, wo ich mich heimisch fühle, dann in der Schweiz” – Interview in the Basler Zeitung

    On February 16, the Basler Zeitung not only published an article on “The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg”, but furthermore an interview with Michael Schindhelm. Starting with Schindhelm’s career at various theatres, interviewer Raphael Suter addresses the latest documentary film as well. After working as cultural consultant for many years, Schindhelm admits that more and […]

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  38. Angela Merkel’s Refugee Policy – “Enter the wide open”

    Following a decision by German chancellor Angela Merkel, numerous refugees were granted access to Germany in September 2015. An article in the German weekly DIE ZEIT focuses on the consequences of the past weeks, both for Merkel’s legacy and for Germany. The author Tina Hildebrandt mentions a quote from the novel Roberts Reise (Robert’s Journey) […]

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  39. ZHdK Lectures on Global Culture featuring Uli Sigg

    On June 1st, Uli Sigg – entrepreneur, diplomat and art collector – will give a lecture at ZHdK. Not only that Sigg founded the first joint venture between the People’s Republic of China and a Western company; furthermore he served as Swiss ambassador in Beijing from 1995 to 1998. An acknowledged expert on China, Sigg […]

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    On March 4, the Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano hosts a talk headed ART + CITY = ARTCITY? Hans d’Orville, Christoph Schenker and Michael Schindhelm discuss the impact of urban transformations on the work of cultural practitioners. Moderator will be Lorenzo Rudolf. ART + CITY = ARTCITY? March 4, 2015, 6.30 pm Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano

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  41. waahr.de featuring Michael Schindhelm

    waahr.de, the so-called “online archive for literary journalism” (initiated by Joachim Bessing, Ingo Niermann and Anne Waak) features six essays and reports by Michael Schindhelm. The texts (available in German only) are available here.

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  42. “Cultural Management without Borders”: Conference at Heilbronn

    In January 2015, Heilbronn University will host the 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Cultural Management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Michael Schindhelm is among the speakers who will focus on the future development of cultural management, including the question what roles European cultural goods play in the globalized world. 9th Annual Conference of […]

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  43. “WOWHAUS” at Architektur Galerie Berlin

    In January 2015, Architektur Galerie Berlin presents the work of the Moscow-based office WOWHAUS. The exhibition introduces the oeuvre of Oleg Shapiro and Dmitry Likin, founders of WOWHAUS in 2007, as an architecture for communication: The projects of Shapiro and Likin focus on architecture’s capacity to not only enable, but to actually trigger social interaction. […]

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  44. Lecture on the Humboldt Forum

    On November 13, Michael Schindhelm gave a lecture at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin. Part of a talk called “Die Welt bei uns zu Hause”, the lecture focused on the Humbolt Forum which will be a part of the currently rebuilt Berlin City Palace. The keynote contemplates on the Humboldt Forum as a potential […]

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  45. Contribution to the 8th Deutsche Bank Forum

    In November 2014, the 8th Deutsche Bank Forum took place in Berlin. Various experts, including the former German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle, the CEO of Deutsche Bahn, Rüdiger Grube and the chairwoman of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Brigitte Mohn, examined the issue “Welt im Wandel – Werte im Wandel”. Michael Schindhelm gave a lecture […]

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  46. ARTE “Square” and MDR “Figaro” featuring Michael Schindhelm

    On October 5, “Square” a programme by the German-French TV network ARTE focused on migration. Among others, the programme featured Michael Schindhelm, who initiated the project “Friday in Venice”, dealing with Europe’s most urgent question. Migration is definitely one of them. The same day, the radio station MDR also aired a talk with Michael Schindhelm. […]

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  47. ZHdK Lectures on Global Culture: The Disappearance of Architecture

    In the recent edition of the “ZHdK Lectures on Global Culture”, the renowned architect Dominique Perrault, designer of the French national library in Paris, dealt with “The Disappearance of Architecture. Between Presence and Absence”. Addressing the issue of “absent” spaces, Perrault focused on subterranean architecture. That is, with the atrium of the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, […]

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  48. “INTENDANT” performance

    Being the INTENDANT, Michael Schindhelm appeared in a performance of Daniel Koetter’s state-theatre. In this monologue, performed by Michael Schindhelm in the Duesseldorf headquarter of the broke German bank WestLB, the INTENDANT ponders the strange contradiction between public sponsoring for the arts and the bail-out packages for European banks: How comes that pax payers willingly […]

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  49. People of Lavapolis

    Lavapolis, an island as large as Malta, deeper than any other island in the Mediterranean rift between the coast of Crete, Sicily and the Libyan coast, has been inhabited and visited by people who expose themselves deliberately a social experiment. Some of them speak here about their experience for the first time. Friday, who is […]

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  50. „Friday in Venice“ at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

    LAVAPOLIS.COM, the trans media storytelling website hosting the story about the heterotopic island Lavapolis and the debate game “Friday in Venice”, will be launched at the European Youth Media Days 2014 and on the occasion of the European Youth Event 2014 in the European Parliament of Strasbourg on May 8. Initiator and writer Michael Schindhelm […]

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  51. ZHdK Lectures on Global Culture: How architecture has absorbed modernity

    Rem Koolhaas, architect, author, teacher and curator of the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, gives an overview on the three „conditions“ examined within the framework of the exhibition. Under the comprehensive title “Absorbing Modernity”, the national pavillons shed a light on the modernization that took place during the past hundred years – a modernization which questioned, […]

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  52. The Heavens over Beijing/Things of Desire

    The sun hovers over the Great Hall of the People like a Chinese lantern. Two huge screens show dancers in red and blue costumes flitting from side to side in the middle of the square. Their constant smile is like the porcelain dolls on a toy clock, where the mechanism has gone seriously wrong. I […]

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