Documentary: Project Lightspeed

Filmerei (Zurich) and Berlin Producers (Berlin) are producing a documentary together with filmmaker and author Michael Schindhelm about the invention, production and future outlook of the BioNTech mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. The film brings together BioNTech co-founders Dr. Özlem Türeci and Prof. Ugur Sahin, their colleagues who were directly involved in the development and production of the vaccine, as well as experts and contemporary witnesses, for a detailed presentation of the Lightspeed Project and the epochal achievement of the researcher couple. Among other locations, the research laboratories in Mainz and the production facility in Marburg are visited.

The production for Arte and Swiss Radio and Television premieres at the end of October 2021.

Production: Jessica Krauß/Sven Rufer

Written and directed by: Michael Schindhelm

1st Camera: Luz Müller

1st AC: Yawen Yeo

Sound: Kurt Human/Julian Joseph

Editing: Martin Eberle

Composition: Christian Meyer

Graphics: Filmgraphik

Post-production: Schnittlauch

(includes some interviews conducted by Christina Gantner/NDF).

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