Dresden applies for “European Capital of Culture 2025” with the motto : Neue Heimat

Dresden applies for “European Capital of Culture 2025” with the motto Neue Heimat. The bid book will be submitted by end of September.

“Dresden has long since been a cultural hotspot, thanks to internationally famous landmarks like the Semperoper or the Frauenkirche,” said Mayor Dirk Hilbert about the application, due to be submitted on 30 September. “However, that alone is not enough. We believe that earning the title of ‘European Capital of Culture’ calls for more than simply showcasing what you already have.” The application motto Neue Heimat Dresden 2025 reflects this approach. “Europe is divided. Issues related to migration and immigration or national identity have led to schisms. We therefore want everyone to become actively involved in redefining our city and the concept of home.”

Curator Michael Schindhelm: “A European Capital of Culture year programme should not only be developed by a small circle of cultural experts but by the entire local population. Culture consumers therefore become creators and contributors with varying biographies and social experiences.” Half of the projects will hopefully be initiated by Dresden’s citizens, “via platforms that allow various partners, Dresden’s citizens and cultural, business and science experts to network –digitally and in person,” says Schindhelm.

Dresden also intends to include projects with its partner cities Coventry and St Petersburg. Hilbert: “In 2025, neither will be in the EU but they will still belong to Europe. Dresden views itself as a hub between East and West, and as the future interface between two cultures.” A special exhibition at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum will focus on all facets of Neue Heimat Dresden 2025 from 11 October 2019 onwards.

In the event of a successful application, Dresden’s respective budget amounts to 70 million euros. Which of the eight German cities that have applied will bear the title in 2025 will be decided in mid-2020.

See www.dresden2025.de for more information.

Bid Book – English

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