“Vorsicht bei solchen Entscheidungen”

In its series entitled “OTZ gegen Kulturabbau”, the newspaper Ostthüringische Zeitung campaigns for culture and artists in the region of Eastern Thuringia. On September 26, the paper published an interview with Michael Schindhelm who became director of the municipal theatre of Gera in 1992 and. Inititating the merger of the theatre of Gera with Landestheater Altenburg, Schindhelm was director of the Altenburg-Gera theatre from 1994 to 1996.

Michael Schindhelm mentions both the post-Wall euphoria and the difficulties the thuringian art scene has to face since the 1990s. He emphasizes the importance of proactive decisions, which gain special importance in view of a younger generation that has different expectations than older theatergoers when it comes to theater. However, Schindhelm concludes, it is important to not only focus on the figures and numbers but to also pay attention to the artistic output.

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